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Cottonwood Veterinary Clinic is excited to announce that we now offer at home veterinary services.

We will travel to our clients’ homes within 7-10 mile radius of the clinic to perform routine vaccines, hospice care and at home euthanasias.

In Home Veterinary Visits

Bringing a pet to the veterinarian's office can be a challenge for pet owners with limited mobility, restricted transportation, or other obligations. Pet owners with multiple pets or very large dogs may also have difficulty bringing their pets in for examinations and other veterinary care, and some pets simply don't do well in a traditional office setting. In our continuing efforts to offer the best veterinary care to all of our clients and their pets, we are pleased to offer house-call services to accommodate special needs.

In home vaccination visits are for healthy animals that are due for annual vaccines. Our veterinarian will perform a full exam before administering vaccines.

At Home Hospice Care

When a pet is diagnosed with a terminal or debilitating illness, hospice care may be chosen to provide the highest quality end-of-life care for the animal and the family, until natural death or euthanasia is chosen.

At home hospice care includes, but is not limited to: providing pain management for pets, assisting with mobility and maintaining sanitary conditions and patient comfort at home pre-event counseling (preparing family for end of life), providing in clinic respite care for pets in the event the pet owner has to be gone, regular and frequent communication with family.

At Home Euthanasia

On the scheduled date of the appointment, one of our doctors and a veterinary assistant will come to your home. The doctor will talk with you and explain each step of the process. You will then be asked to sign a euthanasia consent form and they will ask you what you would like for aftercare for your pet's body.

When you are ready, we will give your pet a sedative to relax them and help with any pain. After shaving a little of the hair from a front leg, a catheter will be placed in the vein in your pet's leg. When you are ready, the doctor will then administer the euthanasia solution. Your pet will fall asleep and the doctor will listen to the heart to confirm that your pet is deceased. As difficult a decision like this is, it is also a final gift to that beloved pet. They will no longer be in pain and their memory will remain forever in your heart.

If you have elected cremation for your pet's body, the doctor and assistant are able return the pet to the clinic where the cremation service will pick it up. Our staff would be happy to talk to you and we will do all that we can to respect your wishes and make this transition for your pet as peaceful as possible.

There are many reasons to consider taking advantage of our house-call services. Call 308.234.8118 to learn if your pet might benefit from a different type of veterinary care experience.